Sunday, July 15, 2012

Guru Gobind Singh Killed a Bull to remove Hunger of Dev

GURUDWARA SHRI QILLA MUBARAK SAHIB is situated in the Distt City Bathinda. It is situated inside old Bhathinda Fort, hence the name is Qilla Mubarak Sahib. GURU SAHIB came to Bhathinda via Bhagu. GURU SAHIB met Haazi Ratan, and had discussion with him. GURU SAHIB also set him free from Cycle of Life and Death. When People of Bathinda came to know about GURU SAHIB's visit, They, in large number came for GURU SAHIB's darshan. Further they requested GURU SAHIB to come to Qilla (Fort). Accepting there request GURU SAHIB accompanied them to Qilla. GURU SAHIB came here and asked people that if they have any problem in life. People requested GURU SAHIB that theres a monster ( Deo ) who distroys theres houses and disturbs them. Kindly get them free from from monster. GURU SAHIB called upon monster and asked him that why was he disturbung people. He bowed in front of GURU SAHIB and told that he was hungry from long time. Kindly do some thing for him, he will leave the fort for ever. GURU SAHIB sat for some time and found that there was Bull common of ten villages. People were also disturbed from that Bull. GURU SAHIB send some Singhs to get that Bullock. When Singhs reached village Nat Banger they asked people about that bull. People laughingly told that bull was sitting in water. Bhai Mailagar Singh went to him and asked " Chalo Bhai GURU SAHIB ne Bulayaa hai" Bull came out and Singhs started following him towards Bhathinda. Bull reached Fort in front of GURU SAHIB. GURU SAHIB asked Bhai Mailagar Singh to cut Bull's head in one attempt of sword. Bhai Sahib did the same way. And it was offered to monster and his hunger was fullfilled. GURU SAHIB sent monster to sirhind and told him that his services will be needed there.

The Monster is now days around Sirhind

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