Thursday, October 9, 2014

Did Sikh Gurus eat meat?

Did Sikh Gurus eat meat?

According to Sikh Historical Resources, 


They consume Animal Food(Meat) as well as Plant Food

Guru Angad Dev use to take Mahaparsad at Khadur
Guru Nanak took Mahaparsad during various time periods
Guru Gobind Singh do Jhatka and Consumed the same
Guru Hargobind also consume the same
Sadhna was Butcher by profession.

Gurus guided us to enlighten yourself and meditate to attain the supreme state,
As a Sikh, Our question should be:  
Do Sikh Gurus attained Supreme state? How come?

:::::What you should keep in your mind, While eating food::::

Food is Fuel of Body.
Wisdom of Gurbani is fuel of Soul.

Food drives Body.
Wisdom Drives Soul.

Bad Food Impacts Body.
Bad Wisdom(Kugyan) Impacts Soul.

Gurbani says :

.....BrahmGyani ka Bhojan Gyaan....

Brahmgyani is spiritual aspect and Gurbani Gyan is spiritual food
Body is physical thing and Meat or Dal or Chapati is Physical Food.

What is good for your body, justconsume it.
But if you are allergic to something, get energy from some alternative food.

This blog is not meant to put Chicken bones forcefully in your mouth 
and is not meant to snatch bones from your mouth. 

The motive is to avoid confusion created by Fraudsters.